My name is Cynthia Orduña; a people oriented and purpose driven Angeleno. 


I’m passionate about representation, economic empowerment, and sustainability. My life mission is to amplify as many voices, cultures, and backgrounds as I can by helping people develop themselves personally and professionally. Through the intersection of art, technology, and research; my past experience has allowed me to encourage others to share their stories and advocate for themselves.

With a background in recruiting and career development, I've helped people land their dream roles and grow the confidence to pursue their passions. Now, I work as a Career Coach and DEI Consultant for individuals and businesses in order to help people create fulfilling careers and engaged teams. 

I love traveling to different countries, trying exotic foods, learning about cultures, meeting new people, and finding ways to grow. Research shows, our brains benefit from learning, stimulation, engaging, and doing new things; and I believe we can’t truly move forward if we don’t seek out these experiences. By becoming lifelong learners and working together, we can create a future with equal opportunities, compassion, and inclusivity.


I hope to see you there.